The nursery Nischler was established in 1985. The administration seat is located in Schlanders (Bolzano), but the production seat is in Albaredo d’Adige in the province of Verona. The nursery Nischler has been producing trees in the Po Valley for 30 years.

Our tree production has been increasing in recent years. Now we have achieved a significant tree production of annually 4 million trees (with 50% Knip-trees and 50% 1-year  trees). We also produce stone fruit -trees (cherries and apricots).

The nursery covers a total surface of 400 hectares.

In addition to the nursery our company owns:  4ha of certified budwood orchard, 3ha of CAC budwood orchard, several hectares of apple orchard in the province of Verona and a cold store for storage of 2.5 million trees.

Tree production

The nursery Nischler is in production very advanced.
The company has a modern production center with structures for the sorting and storage of the trees and all the machines that are required for modern and professional processing in the nursery.

An important structure are the  7 own cold stores which are used for the storage of the trees. In the cold store the trees can be optimally and carefully stored (in this way the tree and especially its roots will be particularly preserved).


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