The External QUALITY

Our young trees are characterized by the following properties:
The trees have the best quality characteristics for planting in the intensive orchards.
The trees are highly branched; in other words they have a big number of useful branches.

The branches have a flat approach angle this favors the fruit- bud formation and the effort for hanging of branches is reduced.

The branches start at approx. 80cm from soil which is ideal for creating a modern orchard.

The trees have a well-developed root s.

This facilitates the growing of the trees after planting. Due to our perfect care in the nursery our trees present also a very good wood maturity.

We store the trees in our own cold store. This allows us to store optimally till delivery to our customers. The trees come in very fresh condition to our customers.


Another quality criterion is the internal quality of our trees. It refers mainly to the virus free status and the trueness to type and stability of the variety  and planting material.

Virus Status
(freedom from viruses and quarantine diseases).
All of our trees are marked with the “EU plant passport ZPb2”. This guarantees to the customer that all our trees are free from quarantine diseases

(our nursery is located within protected areas, which are constantly controlled by the public authority “plant protection office”; inside the protected areas there are no quarantine diseases).

We use for the production of our trees only virus-free propagation material (it means rootstocks and bud wood are virus free). The young tree produced is free of all known virus diseases.

Authenticity of varieties and  color stability

The variety-authenticity and the genetic stability of the trees mainly depend on the quality of used bud wood.
We use for production of our trees only well selected bud wood material.
Part of this material we buy from recognized institutions and breeders; the other part we produce in our bud wood orchards.

Recently our company owns 2 new bud wood orchards for the production of propagation material.
(Here we produce bud wood of the categories CERTIFIED and CAC).

In the own bud wood orchards we do a rigorous selection of propagating material.

Our goal is to produce high quality trees which are characterized by their homogeneity and high color stability. In addition we reach to very high and constant production levels.