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Nursery Nischler
of Nischler Georg & Co.

Simple Society – Agricultural Society

Vezzano, Zona produttiva 1
39028 Silandro (BZ)
South Tyrol – Italy

VAT-ID: IT02378260216

Phone +39 0473 740082
Fax +39 0473 740408


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about cookies

Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. If you return to the same website, these cookies will be sent back to the website. The Italian law distinguishes between the following two types of cookies (

a) The „technical cookies“ are u.a. used for informative authentication, recording of sessions and storage of information on the website (without the use of technical cookies, certain operations on the website would not be possible).

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The cookies can also be distinguished into „persistent“ and „session“ cookies. The session cookies are automatically removed from your computer when you close the browser. The „persistent“ cookies remain stored on your computer and will not be removed until they reach their expiration date or are deleted manually. Some of the cookies used on this website are third-party.

of cookies

All cookies can be blocked and deactivated using the respective browser settings. You can set the browser to show a message each time before a cookie is saved. Otherwise, you can set the browser to reject all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete all cookies that have already been saved. These settings must be made separately on each browser and on each computer. If you block all cookies, we can no longer guarantee that the website will work properly. Some functions can no longer be offered and some websites are no longer displayed. In each browser, the setting of cookies is different. Here you can find the instructions for setting cookies in the most important browsers:

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To guarantee the functionality, our website uses technical cookies. This type of cookie allows the identification of a user session by random numbering. These cookies are set automatically by WordPress and are essential for the operation of the website, they are usually removed after closing the browser and do not store personal information at any time. These cookies are identified by the following names:


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The social media websites install cookies on the website. These cookies collect u.a. following data: browser data, demographic data, interaction data, visited web pages, time and date, IP address. Follow these links to find out how the different social media providers deal with the cookie data:

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