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Competence and



of the trees

For the production of the trees the rootstock M9 T337 is mainly used: It’s the most used rootstock in the world for the construction of intensive orchards.

The grafting of the trees is made in winter with winter or table grafting (knip trees) or in summer with the Chip Budding System. The bud wood is selected in our bud wood garden. Then we cut the buds and place it on the rootstock.

Specialized, experienced workers take over the various jobs during the year. Many jobs have to be done by hand.

One of the most important production phases is the branching of the trees, from which numerous lateral branches derive. For the customer is guaranteed an early production entrance with very high yields.

In winter the trees are removed from soil. The selection of the different quality classes (5+, 7+ and 8+ branches) is made in the same moment. Subsequently, the trees are still provided with a label. This promises the variety authenticity, virus-free and healthy trees.

Until the delivery to the customer, the plants are stored in the cold storage cells.

5 Mio.

External quality

uniform branching and quality

lateral branches start at 65-70 cm from soil

flat approach angle of the branches

good wood maturity

well-developed root system

Internal quality

virus free

free from quarantine diseases

uniform pomological characteristics of the clones

genetic stability of the planting material

Current variety list

With a constantly changing demand for apple varieties, it’s important that we regularly adjust our range of varieties.

Variety list

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