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Care and



of the trees

For the production of the trees mainly the rootstock M9 T337 is used, this is the most frequently used rootstock worldwide for the production of intensive apple orchards.

The grafting of trees is made during winter (by winter or table-grafting) or in the summer by chip budding-grafting.

Specialized workers with experience take care of the many tasks which have to be carried out by hand.

One of the most important production phases is the „branching“ of the apple trees, to enlarge number of side shoots (this guarantees the customer a quick start to production).

During winter, the grubbing of apple trees takes place and at the same time the selection of the various quality branching classes is made (5+/7+ /8+).

Until delivery to the customer, the trees are stored in the cold storage.

6 Mio.

Outer quality

uniform branching and quality

many branches

good tree height

good wood maturity

good rooting

Inner quality

virus-free trees, free from quarantine pests

uniform pomological characteristics of varieties and clones

Current variety list

With a constantly changing demand for apple varieties, it is even more important that we also regularly adjust our range of varieties – so that you always follow the trend of the times with the offer of your apple crops.

Variety list

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